Dynamite's Second Tracking Class 1-5-09

Here we are into a new year and on to class #4 of tracking. We did not have class last week because we were at an agility trial. We did do several days of practice tracks at home. Dixie is getting more focused on her tracking but still is casting over the track, can become silly or stress fairly easy. Today we will be tracking on Spruce Road. We again arrive early and watch a couple of other teams working their tracks. Deb and I draw the task of laying our track. It is to be a track of dog legs in a smaller field. There is food on the track and we were suppose to flag it, but did not bring enough flags to do a good job with that part. After laying the track the track Dawn decides maybe I should try my dogs on one of the tracks that they have already run on that is a little harder. Dynamite goes first and then it is Dixie’s turn. This track is not flagged and only has a few food drops after 90 degree turns. Dawn will go with me for both dogs.

Just as she did at class last week Dynamite is all business. She starts of quickly stopping for a quick potty break on top of a spot that Alex had gone. I again make her stop for the first food drop but then I allow her to go on with a nose touch at the rest. She finds the turns quickly and smoothly without any hesitation. She completes the track without any errors in only 7 minutes. It is a brisk walk to say the least. She also takes time to do a little tugging of the glove with me. Then she tracks her way back to the car. Dawn thinks she is going to be very easy to get a TD on and that she should be able to continue on to her TDX without much trouble.
Happy Tracking!

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