Disco gets to play on the carpet grass! 2-18-09

For the past several weeks I have not been allowing Disco to run courses on the carpet during our Wednesday day classes, but have been having him focus on doing his tricks and some foundation skill work on the mats during class. Today I decided to let him try running the real course on the grass. Here was our course.

I insisted that Disco at least settle down and sit at the start and give me a couple of steps lead out giving him a Click and treat for doing so. I was not sure if he would do the tire as the first obstacle or at an angle, but he handled it just fine. It was a long way from #2 to the weaves and he charged ahead of me finding the entry then plowing through the weaves. We did a tight at jump #4 turning him back toward the weave side of that jump. Turning this direction he had no problems with the discrimination at the frame. I had the hoop and mouse pad set up at the teeter and he did a nice job with that. I completed a front cross while he was down but discovered that he thought that meant turn at #8 so the second time we ran I did a rear cross on the landing side of #8 and again on the landing side of #11 and this worked very well. For 14-16 most teams were more successful doing a call to hand on the landing side of 15 and then a rear cross on the take off of #16, this set up a really nice line to the weaves. Disco is not ready for that kind of move so I forced a front cross in between 14 and 15 and sent him out to the weave entry. I did a front cross at the end of the weaves. We only got to run this course twice but I was happy with Disco’s work on those runs. He stayed with me and did a pretty good job with some crosses. He did pop out of the weaves once but fixed it without issues.
I know this is not to detailed but at least it will give you an idea of what we worked on.
Now “Go Weave”